January/February 2012
Volume 40 Number 1
Top: W2GD. Bottom: Heart of Dixie Amateur Radio Society
WRTC Coverage
WRTC 2014
Official WRTC 2014 Web Site
WRTC 2010
NCJ WRTC-2010 Blogs
WRTC 2010 Final Scores, Nov/Dec 2010 NCJ (83k pdf)
WRTC 2010 - One Team's Story, Nov/Dec 2010 NCJ (268k pdf)
World Radiosport Team Championship 2010 - Russia, Nov/Dec 2010 NCJ (405k pdf)
Official WRTC 2010 Web Site
WRTC 2006
NCJ WRTC-2006 Blogs
WRTC-2006 Competitor Profiles, Jul/Aug 2006 NCJ (280k pdf)
WRTC 2006 Stations, Jul/Aug 2006 NCJ (35k pdf)
WRTC-2006 Tidbits, Jul/Aug 2006 NCJ (28k pdf)
A History of WRTC, Jul/Aug 2006 NCJ (82k pdf)
Official WRTC 2006 Web Site
WRTC 2002
WRTC 2002 Report
North American Teams and Order of Finish
WRTC 2000
NCJ Coverage of WRTC 2000: Web Diaries of Participants
WRTC-2000: A Test of Teamwork in "The Green Piece of Europe", Oct 2000 QST (210k pdf)
WRTC Memories, Sep/Oct 2000 NCJ (37k pdf)
WRTC2000 - The S582A Story, Sep/Oct 2000 NCJ (422k pdf)
WRTC Champs K1TO, N5TJ Do It Again In Slovenia, Sep 2000 QST (32k pdf)
North American Teams and Order of Finish
WRTC2000 - The US Guys, May/Jun 2000 NCJ (16k pdf)
Official WRTC 2000 Web Site (SCC)
WRTC 1996
KRØY-K1TO Team Tops WRTC-96, Sep 1996 QST (97k pdf)
The Truth About Contesters, Nov 1996 QST (87k pdf)
Observations From WRTC '96, Nov/Dec 1996 NCJ (42k pdf)
WRTC + K1TO + KRØY = W6X, Nov/Dec 1996 NCJ (130k pdf)
Official WRTC 1996 Web Site (NCCC)
WRTC 1990
The World Radiosport Team Championship, May/Jun 1990 NCJ (131k pdf)
The World Radiosport Team Championship Wrap-Up, Sep/Oct 1990 NCJ (273k pdf)
The World Radiosport Team Championship, Oct 1990 QST (362k pdf)
Order NCJ CD-ROMWRTC Coverage 1990 - 2006NCJ Subscription Link
NCJ Coverage of WRTC 2000
During WRTC 2000 several competitors, judges and observers from North America contributed periodic diaries of their activities that were posted on the NCJ web site each day.

The links below will take you to the unique perspectives of each contributor before, during and after the competition.

Ken Widelitz, K6LA
Competitor: Team SCCC with K5ZD
Part 1 - Preparing for WRTC
Bled Day Two
The Contest and Wrap Up

Ward Silver, NØAX
NCJ Columnist/WRTC Referee
Part 1 - Report from WRTC
Part 2 - Briefing from Bled
Part 3 - Briefings from Bled
Part 4 - Briefings from Bled
De-Briefing from Bled - It's A Wrap

Doug Grant, K1DG
Competitor: Team Wildcard USA 3 with K1AR
Part 1 - WRTC 2000 Day Minus One
Day 1 - Arrival - The Day of Breaking Glass
Day 2 - Getting Oriented
Day 3 - Let the Games Begin
Day 4 - Start Your Engines!
The Aftermath

Jeff Briggs, K1ZM
Competitor: Team YCCC with N2NT
Part 1 - Initial Thoughts
Part 2 - WRTC Arrival
Part 3 - Opening Ceremonies
Part 4 - WRTC Epiologue

Dick Dievendorff, K6KR
NCJ Reporter
Part 1 - Notes from Bled
Part 2 - Notes from Bled
Part 3 - Notes from Bled
Part 4 - Notes from Bled
Part 5 - Notes from Bled
Part 6 - Notes from Bled

Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV
NCJ Editor/Competitor: Team SMC with K9ZO
Part 1 - I was born at a very young age.
Part 2 - Inspiration for Excellence
Part 3 - Maturing into Immaturity and then Maturity
Part 4 - A Second Chance
Part 5 - The Path to World Radiosport Team Championship 2000
Part 6 - WRTC 2000
Part 7 - WRTC 2000

Eric Scace, K3NA
Competitor: Team PVRC with N6TV
Part 1 - A Day in the Life of a WRTC Competitor
Part 2 - Day in the Life of K3NA

Ralph Bellas, Jr., K9ZO
Competitor: Team SMC with K7BV
Part 1 - Getting There is Part of the Adventure

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