National Contest Journal is published six times per year and is dedicated to covering the competitive contesting aspects of amateur radio. Each issue is loaded with information of interest to contesters (and DXers, too) from casual observer to hardcore competitor. There is something for everyone, from little pistol to big gun.

Published continuously since 1973, National Contest Journal is the place where you can learn about some of the latest innovations in contesting and read stories about contesters in action around the world. However, you don’t have to consider yourself to be a contester to enjoy reading NCJ.

Contest operators build some of the largest and most effective ham radio stations in the world, and they develop some of the most efficient operating techniques heard on the air. Much of the information in NCJ, like that pertaining to antenna system design and equipment improvements, is valuable to a broad range of ham radio enthusiasts.

Each issue of NCJ is packed with great information. You will find stories of contest DXpeditions, reviews of new equipment, new books and software. Looking for contest operating tips or station construction details? NCJ has them. As a major voice of the contesting community, NCJ includes letters from readers, commentary, photos, humor, proposals for new rules, and prophecy — all delivered in a friendly, easy-to-read style.

As sponsor of the popular and unique NA Sprint and North American QSO Parties, NCJ is also the only place to find the official results of these contests. There are a total of 10 NCJ-sponsored contests per year See the rules pages for the dates and details, available from the NCJ CONTESTS menu at the top of each page on this site.

The NAQP contests are designed to be user-friendly. They are good for introducing newcomers into contesting, while still allowing great competition for the seasoned vets. The Sprint contests require considerable skill to place well, and can offer a fun challenge to all aspiring contest operators. Both contests are short in duration (4 hours for Sprint, 12 for NAQP) and therefore offer something even for those with busy schedules.

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NCJ would be nothing without the dynamic and motivated team of columnists, contest managers and production support staff who work hard make each issue valuable. Our regional contributing editors contribute feature articles from around the world. NCJ editorship changes every few years to provide new perspectives and keep things fresh. Each editor offers our readers the best material available. Finally, the NCJ team would like to thank our readership. We are here to serve the contesting community, and we appreciate your support.