Bonus Content

Due to space limitations in the printed version of the journal or the nature of the items, the following additional material is available for these articles originally published in NCJ:

    • SO2R Duino – A USB SO2R Box, Jul/Aug 2010 NCJ
    • Optimizing Rig Placement and Ergonomics for Contesting, May/Jun 2010 NCJ
    • Creative Contest/DX Station Switching Solutions, Sep/Oct 2009 NCJ
    • A 160-Meter Antenna for the Acreage Challenged Ham, May/Jun 2009 NCJ
    • KØDXC Visits K3LR – CQWW CW 2008, Jan/Feb 2009 NCJ
    • Distributing Receiving Antennas – Part 2, Nov/Dec 2008 NCJ
    • Some Reflections on WRTC 2006 – Part 2, Jan/Feb 2007 NCJ
    • Some Reflections on WRTC 2006 – Part 1, Nov/Dec 2006 NCJ
    • 2005 CQWW CW DX Contest on Topband from VY2ZM, Mar/Apr 2006 NCJ
    • Twenty Years of Contesting – from 2005 to 2025, Dayton Hamvention Contest Dinner, 2005
        Full text by Dr. Beldar L1AR (aka H. Ward Silver, NØAX) 
    • Antenna Interactions – Part 6, Sep/Oct 2004 NCJ
    • Antenna Interactions – Part 5, Mar/Apr 2004 NCJ
    • Index of W9XT’s Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques first 100 columns.
    • How Much Is a dB?, Sep/Oct 2003 NCJ
    • Antenna Interactions – Part 1, Jul/Aug 2003 NCJ
        complete article, color version of the NCJ article, including Annex II explaining all the meta-tools in

        zipped meta-tools

        RP cards, 89 RP cards referenced in the NCJ article needed to calculate antenna patterns for the sky hemisphere

        Excel spreadsheet, full version of Figure B of the Dividing the Sky into Patchessidebar of the NCJ article 

    • How Much is An S-Unit?, Jul/Aug 2003 NCJ
    • VHF-UHF Contesting!, Jul/Aug 2003 NCJ
        grid map of stations heard and worked by KØHA and NØJK in May 50 MHz Spring Sprint 
    • Automated Antenna Selection for the ACOM 2000A Amp and 2000S Switch, Nov/Dec 2002 NCJ
    • Unlocking the Secrets of Success: WRTC-2002 Finland, Sep/Oct 2002 NCJ
        6 figures referenced in the printed article 
    • The Thrill of It All, Oct 2002 QST
        complete article Join Jack, W1WEF, as he narrates his experience in the 2002 ARRL DX CW contest and explains why contesting can be fun! 
    • Propagation: Propagation Planning, Sep/Oct 1999 NCJ
        7 figures referenced in the printed article 
  • The 10-Meter Rope Gun Yagi: A 10-Meter Big Gun Antenna on Little Pistol Budget, May/Jun 1998 NCJ